J. Lindsey Wolf PIO Institute

The CAPIO Board of Directors renamed the PIO Institute in honor of CAPIO member and Paul B. Clark award-winner Lindsey Wolf, who died on March 6, 2010.  Lindsey spent 40 years in Bay Area public affairs and communications. After working for the Association of Bay Area Governments, City of San Francisco, and East Bay MUD, she joined San Jose as its first Public Information Officer, starting an extraordinary 22-year career in communications with the city.  She was a wise counselor and generous mentor, who willingly shared knowledge. She was a role model and friend who helped others become better people and better communicators. She engendered admiration, not just from her colleagues but from journalists as well.

Established by CAPIO in 2003, the PIO Institute is a professional development program that offers a certificate in the field of public information for CAPIO members who complete any 10 of the designated Institute courses. These courses are generally offered annually at the CAPIO Conference, but may also be offered at various regional workshops throughout the state (see J. Lindsey Wolf PIO Institute Guidelines).

Courses topics are offered based on the need for PIOs to be proficient in certain core areas, such as: Media relations; special event management; publications production; writing; communications strategic planning; etc.

This Certificate in Public Information from the CAPIO PIO Institute is offered exclusively to CAPIO members and courses are covered by the cost of annual membership and conference registration.  Interested in starting your certification?  Email us at [email protected] with your name, title and agency to inform us of your interest in pursuing your certificate to get your name added to our PIO Institute Roster.  Then download your tracking form here: PIO Institute Tracking FormKeep track of your courses as you attend regional workshops, webinars or the annual conference. 

Ready to graduate?  Email a copy of your form to [email protected] and await further instructions on the upcoming CAPIO graduation (held in April during the annual conference.)

If you need a history of the courses you have paid for or attended, please contact CAPIO at [email protected] 

Over 120 communications professionals have completed the CAPIO J. Lindsey Wolf PIO Institute since its inception. View recent graduates here.