Accreditation in Public Relations 

Be an Industry Leader: Earn Your APR

CAPIO is one of only nine public relations organizations to offer its members the internationally recognized Accreditation in Public Relations (APR).

The APR recognizes timeless communications principles with contemporary strategies and tactics. The process of earning your APR takes your skills to the next level by exposing you to today’s cutting-edge strategies and practices, assessing your skills to identify strengths and opportunities for growth, and demonstrating your personal and professional commitment to excellence.

Pursuing the APR gives you direct access to top public relations leaders—APR holders who will guide you through the process of achieving Accreditation—and provides the tools you need to distinguish yourself as a luminary in the public relations field.

The process to earn your APR consists of:

As a CAPIO member, how can I receive my APR?

Any CAPIO member may register to take the APR; however, it is recommended that candidates have the following:

  • At least five years’ experience in the full-time practice in the public relations field or teach public relations
  • Earned either a bachelor’s degree in a communications-specific field (mass communication, journalism or public relations) or have relevant work experience in the field of communications
CAPIO Notable APR Members

Learn More:  Informational Webinars

Listen in on these two informational webinars before you complete your application. You'll hear great insights from members of the Universal Accreditation Board (UAB) that administers the APR. 


Please note - the second recording begins :41 seconds in



Get started today!

Step One: Complete the APR application (remember to check “CAPIO” in the member box) and submit it to the Universal Accreditation Board (UAB) with your exam and application fee. The exam fee is $385 for CAPIO members and you must be an active CAPIO member to apply. CAPIO offers our members an exclusive refund of $110 upon successful completion of the exam. Please allow at least one month for refund processing.

Step Two: Once the UAB processes your application, a CAPIO APR Coach will contact you and discuss the process in detail and answer any questions you may have to ensure your success. Throughout the year, CAPIO will host webinars and/or in-person study sessions geared toward preparing you for the Panel Presentation and the computer-based exam. 

Step Three: Consider taking the APR Online Study Session, which is offered to CAPIO members year-round at a cost of $195 for a one-year subscription. Check out the APR PREP website.

Step Four: Sign up for your Panel Presentation. VIEW APR PANEL PRESENTATION VIDEO  Once you successfully pass the Panel Presentation, you will be ready to sit for the APR computer-based exam.

Learn more and earn your APR today.

Need a mentor to help? No problem!

If you have started or are considering the process of earning your Accreditation in Public Relations (APR) but feel a little stuck, consider finding an APR mentor. An APR mentor is someone who has already earned his or her APR and has volunteered to support others on the journey.

APR mentors can help you assess if, and when, you are ready to apply, review your Panel Presentation, keep you on track, share their APR experience, and offer study tips and feedback. APR mentors are not teachers, they are cheerleaders - their role is to support you while you work to achieve the APR credential.

If you’d like an APR mentor but don’t know where to find one, consider the APR Mentor Match process, newly created by the Universal Accreditation Board (UAB). Begin by reviewing theMentor Match guidelines. If the process sounds like a fit, email the volunteer Mentor Match coordinator at [email protected]. The Mentor Match coordinator will identify a willing mentor - often in your geographic area, but some pairings will use “remote mentoring”  - and connect the two of you.

For more information on obtaining your APR through CAPIO, contact CAPIO’s Education and Development Chair, Rachel McGuire, APR, at [email protected] or 760-707-4149.