CAPIO Reveals a New Look: 2019 Brand Refresh

CAPIO's New Look

CAPIO's facebook feed hinted for several weeks that something new was afoot and we were excited to showcase our new wordmark and brand at CAPIO's Annual Conference in Newport Beach on April 10, 2019.

In case you missed it - enjoy this Video Unveil.

CAPIO New Brand Reveal - April 10, 2019 from CAPIO on Vimeo.

CAPIO's New Brand Platform:

The California Association of Public Information Officials (CAPIO) is the leading professional organization dedicated to advancing public communicators through training, resources and networking to strengthen and engage communities—a fundamental piece of good government.

CAPIO's New Tagline:  Advancing Public Sector Communicators

About the Brand 

 "The color palette is inspired by the beauty of California, and the mark uses more sophisticated tones than CAPIO’s current use of primary colors: coral, blue and chartreuse depict the richness of our topographic diversity across our great state," said Jenny Windle of JPW Communications.

The mark itself purposefully uses all capital letters to spell out CAPIO, moving away from the past lowercase letter application as a way of symbolizing and recognizing the strength of CAPIO as it boldly moves forward.

The geometric bird was the result of a visual exploration of direction, advancement and arrows – all part of the new CAPIO brand platform to advance the public sector communicator.

And as you may know, birds have long been a recognized symbol and carrier of communication: from the saying “a little birdie told me,” originating from the days of messenger and homing pigeons carrying critical news, to today’s easily identifiable Twitter symbol. It’s clear that birds continue to have unmistakable meaning and connection for communicators.

Also significant – the bird symbol pierces the P in PIO: first, signifying both its point of origin and its launching pad into the world—much like the stories communicators create and release; and secondly, representing PIOs taking flight thanks to their involvement with CAPIO.

As the shapes come together and ultimately form something greater than the sum of their parts, we felt that dynamic was resonant of CAPIO as a professional collective, eloquently illustrating the work that each of our CAPIO members do daily—collecting facts and transforming them into cohesive stories that are meaningful and significant for the many, varied communities we serve.

Finally, the mark is also beautifully symbolic, telling a complete story and showing both the strength of CAPIO and the strength of diverse, personal and professional perspectives coming together."

Special thanks to our Brand Refresh Partner

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